IRBrely - Building trust through a national IRB reliance so investigators can focus on research

For Investigators - Shorten time between initial IRB proposal and enrolling participants

Join IRBrely - It’s easy; just let us lead you through it

For IRBs - Minimize duplicative IRB reviews while maintaining a high level of human research protections

What is the IRBrely Initiative?

IRBrely seeks to ease common challenges and burdens associated with initiating multisite research by supporting and encouraging collaboration across a national consortium of institutions.

IRBrely aims to help investigators speed IRB review in multisite research in order to obtain trial results faster, speed development of new diagnostics, treatments, as well as preventative measures for patients, while continuing to maintain a strong level of human research protections, oversight, and regulatory compliance.

What are the Benefits of Using IRBrely?

Single IRB Authorization Agreement

The IRBrely Master Common Reciprocal Institutional Review Board Authorization Agreement only needs to be signed once and can be used to cover multi-site human subjects research that occurs between institutions that have joined IRBrely. This eliminates the time and efforts to negotiate an IRB authorization agreement for each new study.

Online Sharing

An open source, web-based system is available to support the IRBrely Agreement, allowing institutions to join IRBrely, create an institution profile, and facilitate decision-making and document sharing on a study-by-study basis.


Publicly available guidance (standard operating procedures (SOPs)) for establishing reliance. For a complete listing of all available IRBrely SOPs, see the Resources page.

Can my Institution Join IRBrely?

Qualifying institutions can join IRBrely by signing a joinder to the IRBrely Agreement. Joining IRBrely does not obligate institutions to participate in any given research study or agree to a reliance arrangement.

Institutions that meet the eligibility requirements and agree to the terms of the IRBrely Agreement may join. To learn more, download the IRBrely Agreement. At this time, sign-on to IRBrely is for CTSA institutions, by invitation only. Invited institutions should follow the instructions provided to register and join. We anticipate opening IRBrely to all eligible institutions in the coming months.

When should IRBrely be used?

IRBrely can be used any time two or more institutions who have joined IRBrely plan to participate in a multisite study. By opting for IRB reliance within IRBrely, institutions minimize the number of duplicative IRB reviews.

To learn about how the process works, see the IRB and Institution section of this website.